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About Us

What we do

Okulea connects Travellers and Travel Agents, a bit like an online marketplace for travel. We do not buy or sell travel; we are simply a platform for Travellers and Travel Agents to do business online - comprehensively, quickly and securely.

Okulea For Travellers

Travellers around the world are on a constant mission to find good advice, great prices and avoid disappointment: Okulea listened, and is here to save the day. Whether a frequent Traveller, or travelling for the first time, the copious amounts of information, manufactured reviews and claims to have 'the best deal' can be severely overwhelming: it may be hard enough to figure out where to start, let alone finish! Okulea is aiming to solve this and bring a sigh of relief and a smile with our easy and honest approach to the world of online travel.

Okulea For Travel Agents

Okulea aims to provide agents with high-intent Travellers with whom to offer advice and impress with their extensive knowledge and customer service. We want our Travel Agents to guide Travellers into booking a memorable holiday, a task which many find extremely daunting. Okulea strive to help small, medium and high street travel agencies to regain their position in the travel market and gain the leverage required to compete with the dominance of large online travel agencies.